New Way to Serve

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Worst part of my trip to Fiji

Dropping my brand new, birthday present camera into the ocean.

Being almost 6,ooo miles away from Carrie and not being able to talk to her every night.

Best part of my trip to Fiji

Giving water filters to over 400 families.

Showing them how to use the filters.

Filters that will last a life time. Turning unsafe water into pure, clear, clean water.

Making new friends.

Thankful new friends.

A play day of snorkeling and swimming at a smaller island.

Size Matters

I love my birthday present from Carrie! I have a digital SLR but it is so bulky that it often gets left behind.  Because of that, I miss fun shots like the one on the way home from work today. Somebody zigged when they should of zagged and the result was a water fountain on El Cajon Blvd. Thanks again Carrie!

Annie’s Wedding

My cousin Annie got married in Santa Monica this weekend. It was a beautiful wedding and great time to celebrate with her, my sisters, and Carrie.

Happy 70th Birthday

I turned 40 and Blair turned 30, put it together and we had a wonderful 70th birthday party thrown by Carrie and Erin (our super hot girlfriends) and hosted by Ryan (our super hot boss?) and Danielle. You can enjoy more fun photos of the event here.